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How to manage your money in an inflationary environment with Bitcoin

Why bitcoin is the answer in the United States inflationary environment.



Over 20% of all dollars in existence were created this year. Let that sink in.

Every dollar that you had saved up before this year is worth ~20% less. It's really important to fully grasp the gravity of this situation. Depending on your income and savings level, all of the money you had from previous years can buy 20% less goods or services this year. And there's no sign that this trend is changing soon.

So it's important to ask yourself, "How am I going to respond to this situation?"

For many who ask themselves this, the answer is to get rid of your dollars. Unfortunately most of the people who are asking themselves this are in the upper class. A class full of investors and capital holders.

This does not bode well if you're trying to move up your social class, because the wealthy have been buying up assets left and right. Housing prices are shooting up. The stock market is "Significantly Overvalued" according to this Buffett Indicator that compares the value of the stock market to the GDP of the United States.

So what should you do? Asset prices are skyrocketing and the value of your dollars are plummeting, what gives?

Well our good friend Michael Saylor has something to say about that.

“Every asset that represented the value of an entity was going up in value, while the actual value of the entity was going down,” explains Saylor. “The nominal inflation rate is zero, but the asset inflation rate is 15%.”

Essentially, you need to beat the rate of asset inflation to stop from falling behind in this environment. Bitcoin is the answer for this.


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